Property management digitally redefined [spotlight]

, 1 min read

Last weekend, I met up with startup founders Deniz Parin and Marcel Lacroze. They are currently working towards their vision of digitally redefining property management.

Of course, there are already quite a few software solutions for this market. But those are strongly influenced by the perspective of their developers. And they can be quite static.

If we examine the various software solutions in detail, we will soon find: dynamic business processes between owners, property managers and tenants are usually not represented.

This is exactly where the approach of the two founders starts.

There are certain characteristics about Deniz and Marcel that I particularly like:

They have an open-minded way of thinking.
They have entrepreneurial spirit.
And they work at full speed.

As a result, their way of turning their vision into reality is far from the “typically German” approach.

Instead of perfecting their secret project tucked away behind closed doors, they have been involving all important stakeholders in its development from the outset—customers, suppliers, alliance partners, associations, thought leaders of their industry, and potential shareholders.

This generates important insights. And a considerably better understanding of the actual “pain points” on the side of the customers.

With this approach and their personal passion for their project, I am convinced that these two will develop a brilliant solution.

I am looking forward to keeping in touch with Deniz and Marcel.

Image source: Mike Flache