About this blog

Together with great teams, I build digital business around the globe. On this blog, I share insights from my hands-on work as a business angel, investor, and mentor.

Business activities

I’m actively involved…

Recognitions & membership

  • Global Top 5 Angel Investor to Follow (Evan Carmichael)
  • Global Top 10 Influencer Digital Transformation (Onalytica)
  • Global Top 30 Influencer Industrial Internet of Things IIoT (Right Relevance)
  • Member of the Global Business Leaders Institute
  • Expert Group Supervisory Boards and Advisory Boards in Germany

Personal projects

  • Driven by passion, I create limited design objects that are characterized by simplicity, minimalism, and functionality.
  • Out of personal conviction, I actively support the social project “Safe Water Gardens” that was brought to life by a coalition of committed people, education and business partners. Our vision is to build 1 million gardens in rural tropical areas throughout Asia in order to provide households in those areas with safe, sustainable, and affordable drinking water.

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